Chemical engineer
Laboratory assistant
Technical school
High school

Graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Engineering, Chemistry Department in spring 1987.

Download diploma Examn project Recommendation, re. examn project, Sadolin & Holmblad (see p6) Practical project Recommendation re. practical project, APV Anhydro

Finished "Gymnasialt Suppleringskursus" at Ordrup Gymnasium in 1981.

Examn Certificate

Graduated as laboratory assistant (biology, chemistry, physics) from Frederikshavn Tekniske Skole in 1977.

Examn Certificate

Took Udvidet Teknisk Forberedelseseksamen in 1976 while waiting to be admitted to the school for laboratory assistants.

Examn Certificate

Finished "Realeksamen" at Strandby Skole 1975.

Examn Certificate
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